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This is a collection of some of my favorite links to interesting and informative places on the web. As I surf the net, and find new sites, I'll add them here, too. If you know of a site I've missed, let me know, and I'll check it out.
News from Reuters, PR Newswire, E Sports, ZD Net, and more. Updated regularly
Build yourself a site - free and cheap resources on the net
Find out what your car is worth, what the car you want costs, and much more
The online magazine list. Links to more than 2000 E-zines - from Guideposts to TV Guide, it's all here for you.
Look up the lyrics to just about any song! This is one of my favorite things about the 'net.
Alcatraz - SpiralAlcatraz - The Warden Johnston Years - The Rock in the Age of the Public Enemies: historical documents, photographs, articles, 
biographies, and a bookstore about America's Devil's Island.
Great Thinkers pageGreat Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net
Study Web is a great online resource! The Study Buddy alone makes this site worthwhile
BiblioBytes - Downloadable books for free-- science fiction, mysteries, romance, classic literature, and much more!
Read online, or download.
Consumer Democracy - The ultimate consumer opinion and product ratings site allows voting on all products, and displays reviews, reports, comparisons, description, and quality discussion by other consumers.
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